Boston based oil painter, Mitchell Raudat, has been honing his skills since 2015. He is passionate about extending the limits of what is possible with painting in the 21st century and bringing tangible content to art viewers alike. His inspiration is his own imagination, and he is able to bring it into reality through his work. His biggest achievements are working with of The 512 Art Collective in High Point, NC, showing his work in The Branford Art Center in Branford, CT, as well as working on collaborative pieces with numerous talented painters. 

             Mitchell's ever evolving style has a modern feel, and brings real substance along with abstract ideas. Mitchell has also learned from the legendary painter Bob Ross. He now has the ability to create still life, landscape, surrealism, abstract, and mixed media works. 

"Mitch's work is very creative and well done"

                                                             - Yvvone Gordon, Branford Art Center Artist